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Where does the event start and where do I park?

The event starts and ends at the Delhi arena (Delhi Community Centre) at 144 Western Ave., Delhi, Ontario. Lots of parking is available at the arena and across the road. If you are camping in Delhi at the soccer field, you can leave your car there and bike 5 minutes to the arena.

If I've pre-registered, do I need to check-in on the morning of the ride?

Yes.  About 15 minutes before your ride begins go to the "pre-registered" table in the arena to pick up your wristband which gives you access to the rest stops, lunch, ice cream and the pool.

Can I register the day of the event?

Yes, but advance registration is preferred (and most appreciated!), as it helps with our planning (quantities of food to order, number of maps to print, etc.).  Payment is either by cash or cheque.

Can I register for one ride and switch to another ride the day of the event?

Yes, simply pick up the map of the route you wish to do.

Are credit or debit cards accepted at the event?

No, cash or cheque only.  ATMs are available at the Bank of Montreal, CIBC and TD Canada Trust in Delhi.

Will there be a bike mechanic if I have difficulties with my bike?

Yes.  He will have a supply of tubes and spare parts and can make minor bike repairs.

Why are there specific start times for each route?

These are recommended times so that the rest stops will be open when you arrive.  If you start too early or later than the recommended time, the volunteers who run our rest stops may not be there with the snacks and refreshments.

Does everybody ride together?

No, you can ride in a group or individually.  Ride at your own pace – this is not a race.

Are the routes the same as last year?

No, we change our routes every year.  There is so much to see in Norfolk and we like to keep it interesting.

Are the maps of the routes available before the ride?

Maps will be posted on the website in the beginning go July. Maps and written directions will be available the morning of the ride.

Are the rides on paved or gravel roads?

All of the rides are on paved country roads

Are the roads closed for this event?

No roads are closed – there is very little traffic.  Riders must obey all highway traffic rules including stop signs and stoplights.  Proper hand signals are encouraged to ensure the safety of the riders.

Once I am out on the road with my bike, how do I know where to go – how are the routes defined?

All routes are clearly marked with arrows.  Participants also receive maps and written directions.

Are there rest stops with food, refreshments and washroom facilities?

Yes, all routes have full rest stops with water, Gatorade and snacks (fruit, granola bars and some other treats like liquorice, cookies, etc.).  Washrooms are available at all rest stops.

How far apart are the rest stops?

Rest stops are about 20 - 25 km apart.  All rest stops are indicated on your map and written directions with the times that the rest stops are open.

What do you have to eat/drink at the rest stops and at lunch?

Thanks to Tim Hortons, we offer muffins, coffee and juice for a quick breakfast at the arena before the ride.  Fruit will also be available. 
All rest stops have a good supply of snacks – fruit, granola bars, some other treats like liquorice, cookies, along with water and Gatorade.  There is ice cream at the end of the ride.
A spaghetti lunch (vegetarian option is available) with salad and roll will be served at the arena at the end of the ride.

I have a specific dietary need, do you offer alternatives to your snacks/lunch?

We offer a variety of snacks (fruit, granola bars, etc.) so hopefully there is something to suit everyone, however, we suggest that if you do have a specific dietary requirement that you bring along your own snacks to ensure that you have something to eat along the way.  A vegetarian option is available for the spaghetti lunch.

Are there time limits to complete the ride?

We have allotted plenty of time to cycle at a comfortable pace, take a break at rest stops and enjoy the scenery along the way.  The times that the rest stops will be open, as well as the time that you should be back at the arena, are indicated in the written directions that you receive in the morning with the map.

What do I do if I need assistance or am not able to finish the ride?

For a serious medical emergency, call 911.  For a minor medical problem, or if you are have difficulty cycling, or a mechanical problem, you can flag down one of the support vehicles patrolling the route.  Or if you have a cell phone with you call the Tour helpline (number is on the route map) and a support vehicle will come and get you and your bike.  Or go to the nearest rest stop and ask the volunteer there to call for a support vehicle.  St. John's Ambulance will be at the arena to take care of minor injuries.  A bike mechanic is available for minor bike repairs.

What are the routes like?

Norfolk County is generally quite flat although there are some good hills along the shores of Lake Erie.  The roads are all paved with very little traffic.  This is a rural area and you will see a variety of crops growing in the fields.  As a matter of fact, Norfolk County is known as Ontario's Garden because of the variety of fruits and vegetables.  Look for fields of: apples, asparagus, beans, blueberries, cabbage, cantaloupe, cherries, corn, cucumbers, peanuts, peppers, potatoes, pumpkins, raspberries, squash, strawberries, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, watermelon, zucchini, as well as ginseng, lavender and tobacco.

Is Le Tour de Norfolk a bicycle race and what is the average speed?

Le Tour de Norfolk is definitely not a race – you go at your own pace keeping in mind the times that the rest stops are open.  All riders must adhere to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act including stopping for stop signs and stoplights and riding not more than two abreast on all roads and in single file on busier roads.  The purpose of the event is to provide a safe, enjoyable day of cycling throughout Norfolk County.

Are tandem bikes allowed?


Are recumbent bikes allowed?


How many people participate?

Approximately 1,000 cyclists participate in Le Tour de Norfolk. Typically, over 80% of the participants are from outside of the area.  People travel from all over Ontario, as well as from the U.S. to this event.

Are there shower facilities available?

Yes, at the arena and at the outdoor pool next to the arena.  For those who are camping in town, the Soccer Club facilities also have showers and washrooms.

What happens if it rains the day of the event?

The Tour goes rain or shine.  If there is a major downpour and/or lightning we will delay the start of the ride until the weather improves.  Usually in this area when it rains, it can be spotty and only lasts for 15 minutes and then the skies clear.

Is there merchandise for sale at the event?

Yes, there will be a limited supply.  We suggest you place your order in advance to avoid disappointment.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

YES!  Le Tour de Norfolk requires ALL cyclists to wear an approved, properly fitting helmet at all times on the road.  No helmet, no ride.

I have pre-registered and paid, but unable to make the ride.  Can I get a refund?

Cancellation requests received before June 28 will be refunded less $20 per person.  No refunds for cancellations after June 28. Registration fees are non-transferable.

Is camping available?

Yes.  The local soccer club has made their facilities available for camping – a 5 minute bike ride from the start/finish of the Tour.  Their clubhouse includes washrooms, showers and a social room.  All money raised benefits the soccer club.

Is there security for the campers?

Volunteers will be in the area but they will not be responsible for your valuables, including your bike. All valuables should be locked in your vehicle or kept with you.

Is there anything to do after the ride?

Yes, come into the arena for spaghetti lunch and ice cream. Have a shower or go for a swim in the outdoor pool next to the arena (just show your bracelet and all this is free).

Where can I get additional information?

We hope this section has been able to answer your questions or concerns.  However, if you still have questions or concerns send an email to or phone 519-582-1900.


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